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KEPRO Patient Navigation Program Update

KEPRO’s Patient Navigation Program

KEPRO began a Patient Navigation program in fall 2017 as part of its Person and Family Engagement project with
the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The program has helped over 14,000 Medicare beneficiaries
transition from one care setting to another. As a result of KEPRO’s current contract with CMS coming to a close, the
Patient Navigation program will be ending. KEPRO is not able to continue enrolling Medicare beneficiaries into the
Patient Navigation program but will continue providing service to beneficiaries already enrolled in the program
through April 30, 2019, to ensure all of their needs are met.
It is KEPRO's understanding that CMS has future plans to implement another Patient Navigation program. KEPRO
does not have any further details at this time.
Please contact the KEPRO Outreach Specialist for your state with any questions or for further assistance.