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01 2020 Adult Day Care & Health Care Coordination Benefits to the Guest and Caregiver Non-Member



Lisa Chubb Presents - Adult Day Care & Health Care Coordination Benefits to the Guest and Caregiver


  1. Attendees will acquire National Statistics of Adult Day Attendees – Demographic Data; Services Provided, Snapshot of Population Served; Who would benefit from services.
  2. Attendees will understand the Benefits of Adult Day Attendees – Loneliness Research Compilation with Strategic Program Benefits.
  3. Attendees will gain knowledge of the Benefits to the Caregiver – Recent Stress Hormone Cortisol Research and Adult Day Care as Respite for Caregivers.

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Lisa Chubb, MSN, RN believes that nursing is a calling and had started her path to healthcare when she was 12 years old, volunteering in a local hospital.  Lisa believes that anyone regardless of their position in health care, can make a difference.  Lisa leads her team through a transformational leadership approach.  She believes that communication is of highest importance.  The bulk of her career has been in the long-term care setting, although she has worked in acute care, case management, reimbursement, long-term acute care, and with many other patient populations.  Lisa holds a Master’s degree in nursing administration from Capella University along with several certifications in reimbursement, case management, and wound care.  “Making a difference on any level means more than anything to me, and I plan to do this for each Guest that I am able to touch through my clinical leadership.  It is my pleasure to make their experience with us the best it can be.”