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02 2020 Deaf Awareness in Healthcare Non-Members



Amy Harris Presents - Deaf Awareness in Healthcare


  1. Participants will leave with a better Understanding of the Deaf Culture
  2. Participants will have contact information available should they come across a need for services in the Deaf Community.
  3. Participants will learn skills to navigate the language barrier.

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Amy Harris is a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult), the oldest children of deaf parents tend to be the ones with the most responsibility. We are our parent’s ears, we are their interpreters, and we are their protectors. I have been around all variations of deafness, all my life. My parents divorced and my father received the calling to become a pastor for the deaf. Growing up with my father being a preacher allowed opportunities such as traveling around as a missionary. I traveled to different churches sharing deafness with those who didn’t understand. I interpreted and reverse interpreted for many of my father’s sermons. I have always been proactive with every job that I ever had in trying to find a way to help the deaf. It wasn’t until I started working in health care that I was able to do that. Now that I am working for Golden Living Centers, I am rolling out our Deaf Services program where we will be teaching sign language, discussing deaf culture, and putting into place the additional needs for having the rooms ready for admissions. We are going to start with the Indy locations and the Greenfield location first and then roll it out to the next set of buildings as our program grows. I am very excited to see where this step on my journey will take me next!